Jerr-Dan Side Recovery System

Heavy-Duty Wrecker SRS

Tackle jobs from any angle.Our heavy duty Side Recovery System for wreckers offers you power and choice. With 25,000 or 35,000 lb. capacity planetary winches, you’ll have the strength you need for maximum recovery potential. And with the patent-pending pivoting recovery boom, you can tackle the job from the angle that meets your needs.

Standard Equipment

- Quick switch hydraulic pivoting recovery boom(no assembly required)

- 35,000 lb high speed planetary gear winch
- 5/8” dia x 250’ or 200’ length (6 x 36 IWRC RRL EIPS)galvanized winch cable with swivel hook
- Winch level wind system (patent pending)
- Adjustable air controlled winch cable tensioner
- Driver and passenger side air winch free spoolrelease with dis-engagement indicator lights
- Removable recovery hook and galvanized shackle

- Independent hydraulic stabilizer legs
- Self-stowing flip down claw/spade

- Custom hydraulic manifold for in-line straight-forward hose routing
- Mechanical or hydraulic locking features on all functions for improved safety

- Driver and passenger side plug-in provision for wired remote control
- Wireless non-proportional remote control system for all functions
- Manual override controls

- Jerr-Dan black

- D-rings on stabilizer outer and inner sections (two pair total)

- 37” width tool compartments
- Integrated pull out access step
- Interior grab handles
- Wireless remove clip storage

Optional Equipment

Miscellaneous - Wired non-proportional remote control system for all functions with drive and passenger side plug locations

- Custom paint colors available

Recommended Chassis Requirements

Minimum Frame RBM (per rail)
- SRS W35S: 4,200,000 in-lbs
- SRS-W25S: 3,200,000 in-lbs

Minimum Front GVWR
- 25-Ton, 30-Ton & 35-Ton Wreckers: 18,000 lbs
- 50-Ton & 60-Ton Wreckers: 18,000 lbs

Frame Height Range
- 40" - 45"

Frame Width Range
- 34" - 45"

Additional Cab to Axle
- 37"