Condor Self-Loader

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Price Range: $496.00 - $496.00


Condor Self-Loader
Increase your towing capabilities with the CONDOR Towing Self-Loader. Our Towing Self-Loader is specially designed for wreckers self-loaders, to use in transporting all types and sizes of motorcycles safely, securely and efficiently, in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of surfaces. And it requires only one operator to do it. This easy to use kit incorporates our patented fully adjustable wheel locking mechanism to support any bike in an upright and secure position so it is ready to be tied down. Because our chock holds the motorcycle so securely, you don't have to crank down on the tie-downs to overload the suspension and damage sensitive springs, fork seals, and shocks. You'll be amazed at how secure and stable the motorcycle will be once tied down. And even when unloading the motorcycle, the operator never has to worry about the bike falling over, since the Towing Self- Loader will hold the motorcycle securely as the tie-downs are released.
The CONDOR Towing Self-Loader can be quickly removed and its components easily fit into any self-loader toolbox. This unit will pay for itself in no time.
Call for complete list of available truck outfits. Here are the most popular adapters for the Following Trucks:
Century 312, Dynamic 601, Dynamic 701, Jerr-Dan MPL, Vulcan 810 Intruder, Chevron 401 Outlaw, Century 301 Express, Chevron 408 Renegade, Century Midnight Express, and Recovery Solutions 400 & 500 Series.
The CONDOR Towing Self-Loader provides peace of mind for the operator and the customer.
Patent No. RE 42,971