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Synthetic Rope Extensions With Self-Locking Hook

Product Information

Price Range: $212.00 - $816.00


  • Extremely High Strength
  • Lighter and Softer, less energy released when breakage occurs
  • Weighs significantly less than steel cable
  • Floats on water
  • Rope winds back on itself in the winch, making flat spots disappear once put under load
  • Safer on hands
  • Custom made to any Length
Size Color Coding- Each size comes with its own color, making it easier to ID its size, WLL

Item #                    Color                       WLL
4-RE3850L            Orange                    4,100lbs
4-RE3875L            Orange                    4,100lbs
4-RE38100L          Orange                    4,100lbs
4-RE38150L          Orange                    4,100lbs
4-RE71650L          Yellow                     5,200lbs
4-RE71675L          Yellow                     5,200lbs 
4-RE716100L        Yellow                     5,200lbs
4-RE716150L        Yellow                     5,200lbs
4-RE1250L            Green                     7,600lbs
4-RE1275L            Green                     7,600lbs
4-RE12100L          Green                     7,600lbs
4-RE12150L          Green                     7,600lbs