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Guardian Angle™

Product Information

Price Range: $32.00 - $304.00


The Guardian Angle™ is designed to do several things:

Provides a smooth surface for synthetic web slings to contact and slide allowing the strap to “find home” when tension is applied reducing the possibility of the strap catching on the 90-degree edge of your typical aluminum angle and rolling it away from the trailer. The rounded edge also helps to eliminate cut and torn straps.

Aluminum construction is light weight and non-sparking.

The large radius of the outer tube spreads the load per square inch transmitted to the strap over a larger surface area.

6“ x 6” angle fits over corners better than 3”x 4” or 3.5” x 5” angles.

Safety Catch Strap and ratchet included, to keep angle from falling and causing property damage or injury.

Made in the USA.

45-3A24 24″ Guardian AngleTM w/Catch Strap
45-3B42 42″ Guardian AngleTM w/Catch Strap
*Replacement Catch Straps are also available individually.

45-3R6 1” X 72” Catch Strap for 45-3A24
45-3R8 1” X 96” Catch Strap for 45-3B42