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GrabiQ: Grade 100 Dual Head Chain Assembly with Twist Lock Non-Cradle Grab Hooks

Product Information

Price Range: $233.00 - $959.00


Introducing the GrabiQ Advantage! 
Grade 100 Rigging Chains Just Got Easier!
  • Heavy Duty Grade 100 Chain
  • Reduced fittings at the top of the chain sling reduced clutter and simplifies the rigging process
  • Built-in shortening pockets available for each leg
  • Reduced sling weight and greater flexibility for rigging
  • Fewer bearing points for reduced wear and increasing sling life
  • Well-suited for all sorts of rigging, including multi-leg slings, baskets, and chokers
  • Custom lengths and configurations available upon request - just give us a call and it's good as done!