Winch Cable (Fiber Core Wire Rope) with Self Locking Hook

Product Information

Price Range: $85.00 - $559.00


Fiber Core Wire Rope with Self Locking Hook
All Grip continues to offer the broadest and most complete line of winch
lines for the towing professional with our newest offering of winch lines
with Self-Locking hooks. The new hooks are operated by depressing the
trigger, allowing the hook to open. When a load is applied, these hooks
?self-lock? and remain locked until the load is released and the trigger
once again is pressed to open. These hooks combined with our high
quality wire rope make for secure and positive connections. Available with
a swivel or fixed self locking hook.
(Select hook style, size and length from drop down menu)

3/8" - 3,780 lbs.
7/16" - 5,120 lbs.
1/2" - 7,490 lbs.
9/16" 8,390 lbs.
5/8" - 10,360 lbs.