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High Viz Synthetic Winch Line

High Viz Synthetic Winch Line

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Product Information

Stronger and lighter are the two key elements of Synthetic Rope that make it the choice for lifting slings and winch lines. Synthetic rope does not store energy like steel cables, and in the event of a failure, it is much less likely to result in severe injuries caused by the recoil of broken wire cables. Our slings are fabricated as Endless Grommet slings resulting in 60% greater strength than Eye and Eye Slings. We also install a “Chafe Guard” using the same HPME Fiber but woven in a specific pattern to increase abrasions and cuts. This chafe guard is color-coded to indicate size and capacity.


Proven to Perform Better than Steel 

  • World’s strongest rope for its weight
  • Patented manufacturing process
  • Advanced High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fiber construction
  • Firmer, rounder profile than conventional 12-strand rope
  • Better internal-abrasion-resistance
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • Long lengths available
  • Easy to splice, inspect & repair
  • Independently tested
  • Equal or greater strength, size for size
  • Significantly lighter, easier to handle
  • Greater flexibility
  • Low risk of recoil
  • Non-corrosive, no fish hooks
  • Maintenance-free
  • Buoyant in water
  • Improves worker comfort & safety
  • Boosts efficiency & productivity
  • Greater profitability