Dominator Plus LINZ6 Super-LED Series

Product Information

Price Range: $276.00 - $743.00


Dominator Plus LINZ6 Super-LED Series

(2) LIN26 Modules 7"L x 2.18"H x 1.18"H

(4) LIN26 Modules 14"L x 2.18"H x 1.18"H

(6) LIN26 Modules 21"L x 2.18"H x 1.18"H

(8) LIN26 Modules 28"L x 2.18"H x 1.18"H

Small size and fully waterproof design make the ?Dominator Series" the versatile answer to all your secondary warning and signalling needs. Choose Dominator or Dominator Plus with twice the warning light power. Available as a six or eight light array Traffic Advisor, or in two, four, six or
eight light array flashing model. Compact enough for special use vehicles, motorcycles, quads and marine applications. This small but powerful light array is the solution to your unique warning light requirements.
7"L x 2.187D x 1.187H
Super bright LINZ6 (6-diode) Super-LED modules.
Low profile aluminum extrusion.
Internal self-contained electronics.
Fully encapsulated, fully waterproof.
Internal Molex waterproof connectors.
Multiple Scan-Lock flash patterns.
Small diameter 4 or 6 conductor, #20 AWG wires.
Slide bolt mount, standard.
Two, four, six and eight light flashing arrays.
Seven flash patterns and a steady-on mode.
Pairs may be synchronized to each other or to other Whelen synchronizing products.