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500 & 600 Series Traffic Advisor , Arrow Head Style

Product Information

Price Range: $1526.00 - $3764.00


500 & 600 Traffic Advisor Arrow Head Style
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(12) LED Modules, 25' Cord, Surface Mount, 48"L x 5.25"W x 16"H

(16) LED Modules, 25' Cord, Surface Mount, 48"L x 5.25"W x 2.75"H

(16) Halogen Lamps, 2 Split Pieces, 27.75"L x 5.25"W x 23"H

(16) LED Modules,  36.5"L x 4"W x 5', 6', 7' or 8'H

(16) Halogen Lamps 36.5"L x 4"W x 5', 6', 7' or 8'H

These arrows give bright, clear, direct information.
Alert approaching traffic to hazardous vehicle situations and indicate correct direction with bright signal sequencing.
All the features of straight style Traffic Advisors in a larger size plus large left and right arrows.
Meets MUTCD2000 specifications*.
LED or halogen or strobe with 16 lamps.
Four operating modes (left, right, split and flash).
Eight programmable flash patterns.
Rugged extruded black powder painted aluminum housings.
One piece or split models available.
Removeable arrow heads for ease of storage and shipping.
Six 3/8" slide bolts allow easy mounting on vertical surfaces or to user supplied brackets.
TACTRL3A control head is standard for 16 lamp arrays.
Two piece arrows have 10? of interconnect cable between light arrays.
Twenty five foot, 16 conductor cable supplied with arrow.
Halogen and Strobe version available in 5?, 6?, 7? or 8? lengths.
Unique moving flash patterns assure quicker recognition at greater distances.* When mounted on appropriate backboard