48" nFORCE LED Lightbar

Product Information

Price Range: $1707.00 - $3104.00


Please see dropdown for more lightbar options.

  Modules can be configured as single, dual or tri-color for maximum functionality
  Inboard modules available in single color (6 or 9 LEDs), dual color (12 LEDs) or
 tri-color (18 LEDs)
  Corner modules are offered in single color (12 or 18 LEDs), dual color (24 LEDs)
 or tri-color (30 LEDs)
  Multi-color module lightbars that include white LEDs provide 360 degrees of
intense scene lighting
  Dedicated 6 LED takedowns and 3 LED alley light are standard
  Takedown modules can be designated anywhere on the lightbar
  Five Year Warranty

Note: Lightbars can take up to 2-4 weeks. Call for details.