Modular Speed Mount

Product Information

Price Range: $224.00 - $224.00


NEW Modular Speed Mount

With all of the various modular composite body sides that are coming out nowadays, finding the best solution for mounting your tow dollies is becoming increasingly difficult. That's why In The Ditch has engineered the ultimate dolly-mounting solution; the Modular Speed Mount. This mount bolts directly to the steel wrecker, suspending the dolly cradle over the composite side. The Modular Speed Mount features an adjustable dolly cradle, providing up to 22 degrees of tilt, allowing you to accommodate the angle of many* composite body styles. This mount comes in Tuff Coat black finish, and is equipped with our ITD Vice Action Lock (includes 1 key), eliminating the chance of theft.

Each Modular Speed Mount is sold individually and comes in either a right or left configuration. You will need two Modular Speed Mounts to store a set of Speed Dollies. This mount is only compatible with our ITD Speed Dollies, or SLS Speed Dollies.

An additional option you can purchase is our ITS4315 Axle Support Arm, giving you the ability to secure your Speed Dolly axles parallel with the wrecker deck. This add-on has three mounting positions and is compatible with the ITD W-Mount (ITD1242), the Single Axle Rack (ITD1026), and the Double Axle Rack (ITD1027).

*Shown with optional ITD4315 Axle Support Arm.