Product Information

Price Range: $133.00 - $861.00


Federal Signal's halogen SignalMaster provides a measure of safety to approaching motorists with its directional sequence of individual lightheads. The directional signals use 27-watt halogen bulbs with special lenses to direct light effectively.

The halogen SignalMaster light is available in 4-, 6- or 8-lamp models to suite a variety of applications. Ideal for work truck and commerical vehicles, this halogen directional light meets CAC Title 13 specifications.

The full-featured SignalMaster controller provides left, right, center-out and flash warning patterns. The SignalMaster controller is sold separately.

The SignalMaster II models have the same features as the halogen SignalMaster, but also features an integrated L-bracket control to activate three warning patterns:  left, right and flash warning. A Stop/Tail/Turn override provides auxiliary warning when the unit is not in use.

  • Housing blocks sunlight to increase warning effectiveness
  • Unique lens spreads light horizontally for increased warning coverage
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • CAC Title 13 approved