Pulsator LED Beacon

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Price Range: $99.00 - $126.00


Pulsator LED Beacon
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LED Pulsator Class 1 Magnetic Mount 12-24 VDC Amber

LED Pulsator Class 1 Permanent Mount Amber

LED Pulsator Class 1 Suction Cup Mount 12-24 VDC Amber

LED Pulsator Class 2 Magnetic Mount 12-24 VDC Amber

LED Pulsator Class 2 Permanent Mount Amber

LED Pulsator Class 2 Suction Cup Magnet Mount 12-24 VDC Amber

The Federal Signal Pulsator LED beacon features an innovative Federal Signal designed LED emitter that produces a superior warning signal to promote work zone safety.  Available in Class 1 and Class 2 versions in tall and short domes, the Pulsator LED is ideal for a variety of applications including DOT, municipal, utility and construction vehicles.

The Pulsator LED also offers (14) selectable flash patterns that can be selected by the user through Federal Signal?s patented Power Select feature.  The Power Select allows users to scroll through flash patterns by simply following a sequence of applying power to the unit 3 times in a row which will put the beacon into programming mode.

The Pulsator LED has a built-in permanent/1-inch pipe mount polycarbonate base.  Magnet and suction-cup magnet mount options are also available. 

  • (14) selectable flash patterns
  • Federal Signal?s patented pattern power select feature
  • Polycarbonate permanent/1-inch pipe mount base
  • Magnet mount with cigarette plug with on/off switch available
  • Multi-voltage, 12-24 VDC
  • Five-year LED Warranty