Landoll-Traveling Tail

Traveling Tail Trailer

The Traveling Tail Trailer is a unique design witch pulls the rear wheels forward enabling the rear most deck to lower without any other movement of the rest of the trailer. There are many situations were this application is the most economical and most feasible to load and unload whatever is is that you transport.

Landoll Features

Worldwide Equipment Sales is Landoll's top dealer in the United States. Our inventory of hydraulic trailers, slide axle trailers, detachable trailers, bottom dump trailers, Utility trailers, industrial tag trailers, and non hydraulic trailers provides the best deal in Landoll equipment trailers found anywhere. Our trailer parts, service and warranty is second to none among current Landoll customers. Among the Industry of trailers, Landoll's traveling tail trailer is by far superior to any other Hydraulic tail trailer like it. It's design is one of a kind, the Landoll 930 and Landoll 950 stands tall among the competition as the work horse of industry. Landoll Equipment trailers don't stop there.

Landoll has been the leader in the traveling axle industry since Don Landoll invented the traveling axle trailer concept decades ago. Landoll continues to bring you the most innovative design by offering the Model 400 Series trailer. The Model 400 Series consists of two primary models, the tandem 435 and triple axle 410. There is a model to fit each and every need. A solid, four beam frame design coupled by a lowered upper deck transition makes the 400 Series the industry “standard” once again. (read more)