C-10LT A/B Highside Stack Car Hauler

Product Details

The Cottrell stinger model C-10LT highside is derived from a family of successful and proven trailers that have been in the industry for over 20 years. A direct reflection of customer feedback, the new "post forward" design allows for superior door openings, load maximization, and easy multiple drop configurations. Our unique corrosion resistant tandem screw drive and split valve banks are two of the many standard features that have made this one of our most popular models to date.

Product Features

  • Different belly deck options for weight savings
  • Two different deck designs behind the tandem that will affect the over all weight
  • Aluminum flipper option in place of steel flippers for weight advantages
  • Classic undercarriage body style securement system
  • 5/16" chains with plated R, S, T and Grab hooks
  • Patented Cottrell quick release ratchet tie down systemv
  • 3/16" Aluminum Decking with oblong Star Pooches
  • Hendrickson light weight INTRAAX integrated suspension and axle system
  • Baril Zinc Primer with an Akzo Nobel top coat - 5 Yr Limited Warranty
  • Parker hydraulic hoses and fitting
  • Cottrell aluminum telescopic and single stage cylinders
  • USA Star Plus wiring harness
  • Truck Lite LED Lights with "Fit and Forget" connectors
  • Back up lights and alarms on mating headramps
  • Aluminum trailer air tanks
  • Curtiss Wright aluminum valves
  • Green Bull aluminum ladders
  • Aluminum slide out loading skids with stainless steel rollers

Available Upgrades

  • 19.5" or 22.5" axles assemblies
  • Hendrick CP tire inflation systems
  • Alcoa Aluminum wheel upgrade
  • Choice of hydraulic systems - PTO, 12 volt electric, 24 volt electric, Auto Start, etc.
  • Choice of hydraulic hose - Rubber 431, Thermoplastic 510 or 518, Tuff Cover
  • Pneumatic lift kit and Air operated or Digital weight guages
  • Safety options including fold out caution signs and strobe lights
  • Additional night loading lights - Incandescent, LED or Rope style
  • "Decks up" and Jack knife and low voltage warning systems
  • Aluminum or Steel wheels, Michelin or Continental tires
  • Custom made aluminum tool boxes and hydraulic tanks
  • Winter protection options including full or half aluminum belly pans and mesh style side curtains
  • Corrosion options such as the triple coat paint system and inside bottom rail coating
  • Appearance options including chrome and extra light packages, custom mudflaps and custom paint colors and schemes