Jerr-Dan 35 Ton Integrated Wreckers

With innovative tool storage and unmatched performance, the 35 Ton JFB Integrated Wrecker is “best-in-class” in towing and recovery. Fabricated boom and underlift equipment provide the high strength demanded by today’s heavy duty tasks. The 5-inch steel crossbar center pin coupled with the steel bushing are unparalleled in service life. Interchangeable tool compartments and optimized rigging management provide for an extremely efficient and entirely customizable interior. Why? So you can organize it your way.


Standard Features
2-Section High-Strength Hydraulic Boom
Max Lifting Capacity
30º Boom Angle, 70,000 lbs. Retracted, 22,000 lbs. Extended
Max Boom Extension: 134" (11' 2")
Max Working Height: 223" (19' 5") (Ground to Hook)
Wrecker Boom Winches

  • Dual Planetary 35,000 Capacity
  • 5/8 in. x 200 ft. or 250 ft. Wire Rope w/ 360º Swivel Hooks
  • Air Cable Ten

High-Performance Polymer Slide Pads
Boom Mounted D-Rings
Driver & Passenger Side Proportional Controls
Driver & Passenger Side Hyd. Pressure Gauges
3-Location Multiplex Electrical Controls
2-Location Multiplex Electrical Controls
Telescoping Rear Stabilizers w/ Integrated Fold-Down Spade Feet
Recessed Glad Hand & 7-Pin Connectors
LED Amber Main & Auxiliary Light Bars
LED Upper & Lower Hook-Up Lights
LED Upper Work Lights
LED Underlift Lights
Jerr-Dan Boom/Body Logos
Custom JFB Signature Badge

Wireless Proportional Remote Control or Non-Proportional (All Boom Functions)
6 Side & 2 Rear Emergency Flashers (CA Compliant)
39" & 51" Tunnel Compartments
Aluminum Dress Up Kit

Underlift Options

  • Retracted Lift Capacity & Reach (Off Tailboard)
    • Model 300: 30,000 lbs. Capacity, 68 in. Reach
    • Model 350: 35,000 lbs. Capacity, 62 in. Reach
  • Extended Lift Capacity & Reach (Off Tailboard)
    • Model 300: 16,000 lbs. Capacity, 146 in. Reach
    • Model 350: 16,000 lbs. Capacity, 128 in. Reach
  • Max Towing Height & Negative Power Tilt
    • Model 300: 42 in. Tow Height, 10º Neg. Tilt
    • Model 350: 43 in. Tow Height, 10º Neg. Tilt
3-Section High-Strength Hydraulic Boom
14,000 lbs. or 25,000 lbs. Tire Lift Option
HD Tie-Down Straps, Chain Hook Adapters, Forks & Spring Lift Brackets Included
70º Side Pivoting Low Profile Cross Bar w/ 5" Pin
Underlift Camera (Option)

Counterweight Options

  • Front Casted Counterweight/Tunnel Counterweight
  • Front Casted Counterweight/Tunnel Counterweight
  • 7/16" Dia. X 100'
  • 7/16" Dia. X 150'
  • 1/2" Dia. X 200
Available SRS 25 & SRS 35
Rigging Kits Available
Storage Solution Kits
Back-Up Camera