Jerr-Dan 6 Ton Steel XLP Carriers

Overcome even the toughest loading challenges with Jerr-Dan’s steel XLP-6 series available with 21’and 22’ decks, including dual angle models. The steel XLP-6 features a low profile subframe that lowers the deck height above the frame rail and provides greatly-improved load angles. A dual angle deck has a load angle as low as 7.5 degrees, while a conventional deck produces a load angle as low as 10.0 degrees. All XLP-6 models have a 12,000 lb. deck capacity and can be equipped with a 3,500 lb. wheel lift for extra versatility.



Deck Style
Dual Angle

Smooth Steel
Diamond Steel

Deck Raised Rails
Removable Steel Tubular
Removable Aluminum Blade
Fixed Steel Tubular

Deck Length
21 Feet
22 Feet

Deck Width
96 Inches
102 Inches

8,000 lb. Worm
10,000 lb. Worm
8,000 lb. Planetary

Deluxe (with screen)
Side Recovery System

Light Bar
Amber LED

LED Side Marker Lights
5 per Side

Hydraulic Deck Controls
Lighted, Dual (both sides)

Mud Flaps
Worldwide Equipment Sales, LLC

Winch Remote Free Spool Control
Manual (Near Winch)


Winch Free Spool Control
Air (at both Control Stations)

Wheel Lift
3,500 lb. (Independent Raise and Lower)

Cross Bar / Grid / L-Arms
Manual Grid/Fixed L-Arms; Ball Hitch
Manual Grid/Fixed L-Arms; 2" Reese Receiver
Manual Grid/Fixed L-Arms; 2.5" Reese Receiver
Manual Grid/Pivoting L-Arms; Ball Hitch
Manual Grid/Pivoting L-Arms; 2" Reese Receiver
Manual Grid/Pivoting L-Arms; 2.5" Reese Receiver, Hydraulic Grid/L-Arms

Tow Options
Stationary Pintle Mounting Plate, Stationary 2" or 2.5" Hitch Plate

Rear Dock Stabilizer
Stabilizer Only
Stabilizer/2.5" Reese Receiver
Stabilizer/Hydraulic Extend Pintle

Tow Accessories
Tow Ball (1-7/8”, 2”, 2-5/16”)
Duplex Pintle Hitch
Stainless Steel Convert-A Ball

Misc. Accessories
Bolt-On D-Rings
Winch Work Lights
Headboard Work Lights
Rear Work Lights
Tow Lights (Magnetic or Suction)
Remote Function Control
Remote Control Holder
Tool Box (36", 48" or 60" )
Tool Box Interior Lights
Tool Box Shelves
Tool Box Top Storage Trays
Storage Tray Marker Lights
Storage Baskets
Toolbox Air Compressor/Hose Reel
Rear Safety Chains
Eight-Point Vehicle Tie-Down Kit
Rubber Wheel Chocks
Fire Extinguishers
Safety Triangles
Wheel Covers
Rear Fenders